About Us

Fetching Dog is a locally owned, family pet food, toys and supplies store. Owners, Becci and Bryce Scott have been involved in animal rescue work, here in the valley, since the mid 1990s. Becci learned how to groom dogs while volunteering at the AAWL to help the cats and dogs get adopted more quickly. Her mentor began to teach her about nutritional supplements to improve the skin and coats of the dogs who came in severely neglected and would have been euthanized if they couldn't be helped. That was before the internet so Becci read all the books she could find about better pet nutrition to help more dogs be saved and get adopted. Becci has gone on to rescue many species of animals and always works to improve their health through natural nutrition and educating their adopters on how to maintain their good health. 
Fetching Dog is a rescue based pet store. We host adoption events and often have cats or kittens waiting for homes in our kitten room.
Bryce has built and maintained many living quarters for the rescue pets to thrive in their home while in foster care, as well as, spent countless hours preparing specialized fresh food diets for their foster pets and personal pets over the years. Together, they also fostered children for the state of Arizona and in 2011, they adopted their 4 kids.  
Fetching Dog was founded in 2005 when Becci began a mobile grooming career and in 2017 bought out an existing pet store in Scottsdale.  Bryce retired after 30 years as a UPS Delivery Driver and joined her in running the Fetching Dog store.
After so many years of learning and using nutrition to help pets heal, Becci has a mission to provide high quality food and supplement options for all pets to thrive.  She is certified in raw pet food nutrition and is always happy to share what she has learned over the years to help other pet owners learn what they can do for their pets to live their best lives. Whether you use fresh food, freeze dried, dry kibble or all the options in between, they can help you build a better bowl for your pup or kitty!

Meet the Owner


Meet the owner

"I have 20 years of grooming and animal rescue experience and approximately 20 years in pet nutrition research. It is my passion to teach people what I have learned about pet nutrition and care, over my many years of rescuing and rehabilitating both cats and dogs. There is nothing more rewarding than to see a cat or dog begin to flourish and thrive with proper care and nutrition. I personally have 7 dogs and 3 cats, all of which came to me in poor condition both physically and emotionally. I spend my “spare time” studying and learning current nutrition, vaccination and behavioral information regarding cats and dogs."