Happy Holidog Feast

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Happiness, family, and food make the holidays so special!
Our Happy Holidog Feast makes sure your dog isn't missing out on anything.

Here's our second holiday feast for dogs! It's a take-home feast that's drool-dripping-from-their-jaws-delicious - and just as healthy, too! All you have to do is thaw it and let em' chow down. 

They'll be eating GOOD! Turkey loaf with cranberries and kale, roasted carrots topped with freeze-dried lamb tripe, sweet potatoes with roasted almonds, and glazed coconut macaroons for dessert!

Ingredients: Ground Turkey, pumpkin, cranberries, kale, egg, rainbow carrots, coconut oil, freeze-dried lamb tripe, sweet potato, roasted almonds, coconut, coconut cream, raw Jersey milk, Arrowroot flour, and beets for color and pizazz.

Portion Sizes: The "Regular" plate will have approximately 4oz of meat, an appropriate serving size for 2 small- or 1 medium-sized dog. The "Large" plate will have approximately 8oz of meat, appropriate for 1 large-sized dog. An extra slice of meat is approximately 4oz - click here to add to your cart!

Holiday Feasts will be available for pickup in-store from December 17th through the 22nd!