Multipet Available in Scottsdale, AZ

We HEART Pet Toys

The Fetching Dog is proud to carry Multipet in Scottsdale, Arizona. Established in 1995, Multipet International is the premiere supplier of pet prodcuts throughout the United States, and around the world.

  • Dog Toys: Aromadog™, Canine Clean™, Cuddle Buddies™, Holiday, Licensed, Loofa Dog®, Look Who's Talking™, Mossy Oak®, Nuts for Knots™, Ruff Enuff™, Slinger™, Squeakables™, Tuff Enuff™.
  • Cat Play: Cat Toys, Catnip Garden.
  • LIfestyle Pet Products: Pet Carriers, Car Seats, Backpacks, Waste Bags.
  • Pet Grooming Products: Groom Genie™ Line, Magic Block.
  • Holiday Pet Toys: Holiday Pet Toys Line.
  • Bird Toys: Nuts for Knots™ for Birds, Happy Hut™.