Pet Groomer in Scottsdale, AZ

Dog Grooming Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Choosing a groomer is not something to do on a whim, you should be comfortable and confident that your beloved pooch will be treated with the utmost care and respect, bathed and groomed by a professional that they are actually excited to see. It’s simple, we treat your pets the way we treat our own. We run a friendly, family stress-free environment, catering to the specific needs of each of our clients. We are all Veterinarian trained for first aid should any needs arise. We have also been trained in Pet CPR and First Aid. Our philosophy is that "We can never be too prepared."

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Bath & Brush

Pampered with warm water, luxury dog shampoo and conditioner we clean every nook and cranny including the ears. We trim the nails and follow with a blow dry and gentle brushing.

Bath and Tidy

Includes services listed above with the addition of clean pads and a sanitary trim.

Teeth Brushing

We useTropiclean gel with enzymes which has a longer lasting effect than regular pet toothpaste. Protect against bad breath, tooth loss, and gum disease with regular teeth cleaning for a  healthy smile.

Nail Trim

We cut nails to a prudent length, just short of the toenail quick. Nail trimming prevents painful nail cracking or nails breaking.

Anal Gland Expression

We will perform an anal gland expression upon owner request at no additional charge. Regular expression of the anal glands can lead to anal gland muscle fatigue, therefore it is recommended that it only be done when necessary. 

Ear Cleaning

A dog's ears are delicate and vulnerable to infection, excessive wax buildup, and ear mites. Cleaning your pet's ears reduces build-up to help hinder infections and reduce the smell.

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