Basic Introduction To Fresh Food & Feeding For Pets

Basic Introduction To Fresh Food & Feeding For Pets

Basic Introduction To Fresh Food & Feeding For Pets

The majority of new pet owners get confused when it comes to choosing food for their pets. Even long-term pet owners have doubts about this. While it can be challenging to figure out a pet's nutritional requirements, finding foods that will meet those requirements is even more challenging. On top of that, there are just way too many options available at pet supplies stores.

Thanks to the internet, pet owners now understand how crucial it is to provide their pets with a healthy diet. This article will help you understand the benefits of fresh pet food. We will also talk about how you can transition your pet to a healthier diet.

Why Is Fresh Food Good For Pets?

Fresh pet food is a relatively 'fresh' concept. The term 'Fresh Food' does not have a set distinction like kibble or dried pet food.

There are a wide variety of fresh pet foods. Even raw pet foods and wet pet foods can fall into the fresh category. The only defining factor for "fresh" pet food is the lack of preservatives and nutritionless fillers.

Green Juju at Fetching Dog in Arizona

Some brands sell pre-cooked food, and some you might have to cook yourself. But these foods lack harmful preservatives and usually contain a lot of variety. Due to all those factors, fresh food is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners.

Brands like Stella & Chewy's, Primal Pet Foods, and Steves all use organic food products to make pet food. You can see the exact measurements of the ingredients used on the label. So, if you are wondering where to find some good raw pet food scottsdale (Arizona) near me then these brands would be an excellent choice.   

Benefits Of Fresh Food For Pets

One of the best things about fresh food is that they offer a balanced nutritional value. Pets love them due to their variety and it helps improve their overall health. Adding a wide variety of foods will prevent your pet from getting bored.

The downside is that fresh foods come in a wide range of combinations. You will need to do some research to figure out what suits your pet best. These foods also have varying storage methods and less shelf-life compared to dry foods.

But we believe the trade-off for better health for a pet is worth it. And it’s not that hard to find better alternatives since most pet supplies stores have fresh food these days.

Should You Feed Your Pet The Same Thing Every Day?

Should you stick to feeding the same food to your pet every single day? Many pet owners can't give the correct answer to that question. That's especially the case for dog owners due to a misconception that started a few decades ago.

Most dog owners believe it's better to give the same food to a dog because it helps regulate their digestive systems better. Some cat owners also do it, because cats are picky eaters and it's easier to go with something that already works.

But the whole thing about feeding the same food for better health is pure nonsense. In fact, it can have severe detrimental effects on your pet's health. There are several reasons why doing that is a bad idea.

Negative Effects Of Not Adding Variety

Pets are like humans, and they have similarly complex nutritional needs. They need a variety of different nutritional elements just like we do. And it's not possible to put every nutritional element in the same meal without turning it into a tasteless mess.

Commercial dry food usually has many nutritional imbalances. Even raw pet food or fresh pet food can have some missing elements. Brands that have 'Balanced' written on packages won't meet all the dietary needs.

Swapping between different ingredients will give your pet more well-rounded nourishment. It also prevents over-reliance on a single product. You can find food with variety at any decent pet supplies store. A small Google search with "pet supplies store near me" will get you more than enough leads for this kind of thing.

How To Transition A Dog To A New Diet?

Different pets have different transition phases when changing their diet. Many dog owners avoid switching to raw, or fresh dog food even after researching topics like "raw pet food near me."

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The main reason why people avoid the swap is due to health concerns.

Pets don't do well with radical shifts in their diet. Some dogs might have an upset stomach, allergic reaction, or stop eating altogether. But there's no way around that if you want a healthier future for your dog.

The best way to get around this issue is by making the transition in small quantities. Introduce the new raw dog food in small doses.

Giving small portions of the new food will help determine whether your dog has an allergic reaction to that or not. That also makes it easier for the dog to get used to the new ingredients. In case you aren't sure where to get better food for your dog, Steve's Real Food Scottsdale is a good place to start.

How To Transition A Cat To A New Diet?

Transitioning a cat is more troublesome than transitioning a dog to a new diet. Cats are picky eaters. They pay more attention to the texture and shapes of the food. So it can be especially hard to switch a kibble-fed cat to a raw cat food diet.

You'll need to take things slow and gradually hydrate the food. Start by giving them freeze-dried food with very little water. That should have a close enough texture to Kibble. Let the cat get used to the texture and then slowly start adding more water.

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Cats on a wet-food diet can switch to raw food without a transition period with freeze-dried. They might get iffy about the temperature though. You'll have to let it sit at room temperature for a while before you put it in their bowl.

It's usually better to put very small portions of it at a time. Roughly 1/8th of a teaspoon for the first time should be enough. Set it by the side with its usual meal. You can slowly start adding more if the cat shows interest. Try to mix water into the cat food, as cats don't like drinking water, which can lead to dehydration.

It's also a bad idea to leave dry foods in the bowl all day. No matter how dramatic the cat acts, it doesn't need a full bowl all the time. In fact, keeping the bowl filled with dry food can reduce its appetite for nutritious food.


Hopefully, we've managed to give you a basic understanding of fresh pet food. Raw and fresh foods are much healthier compared to dry food due to the lack of harmful preservatives. If you are interested, feel free to check out our collection of raw pet food. You can also find fresh pet food at any major pet supplies store near you.

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