1. Mud Bath $10 - 25

Great for the coat and the skin.

2. Deep Conditioning $5-$10

Perfect for slightly matted or tangled coats. A deep condition will leave your dogs hair soft and untangled.

3. DeShed $10

For dogs that tend to shed a lot, frequent De-Shedding treatments leave more hair on our floor and less on yours.

4. Teeth Brushing $10

Always a good idea to brush your dog's teeth between cleanings for fresher breath and a healthy smile.

5. Blueberry Facial $10

A safe and tearless spa product that allows us to get the entire face clean and smelling fresh.

6. Nail Painting $10

For when she (or he) needs that extra bling.

7. Hair Dye $15-$30

For anytime your baby wants that "unique" look or just to hide the years and feel young. 

8. Express Grooming $10

In a rush, come in for an express groom before heading to the dog park. (may take up to 2 hours depending on the breed and size)

9. Nail Trim and Dremel $17

Nails a little out of hand? A trim and dremel is just the solution (dremel reduces snags and splitting). This is a walk in service.