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Holistic Veterinarian

Scottsdale, AZ

Have you been looking for an experienced holistic veterinarian who can:

  • Perform titer testing
  • Help you transition to natural nutrition
  • Manage allergies without harmful medications
  • Balance emotional disorders or battle cancer with raw diets, herbs, and essential oils
  • Control arthritic pain and inflammation with acupuncture, laser, and supplements
  • Recommend, submit and explain bloodwork and urinalysis test results
  • Provide practical natural solutions and honest referral suggestions
  • Use multiple modalities including acupuncture, super-pulsed laser therapy, Western and Chinese herbals, essential oils and Zyto scanning


Dr. Jodie graduated from UW-Madison in 1987 and Chi Insitute in 2008. She is a Certified Health Coach for pet parents and can provide you with a truly holistic experience! Learn more by reading her book, "Live with Your Pet in Mind!"

New client visit includes exam and consultation and record review for $120. Bring all your food and product labels. The second pet is $60. Follow-ups are $60.

Acupuncture for current clients $60. Laser therapy session for current client $50.

Dr. Jodie's Zyto scan can identify weaknesses in your body systems. The software program can then suggest supplements to balance these systems.

You can be a surrogate for your pet to use this approach for your dog or cat as well!

Fun and very interesting! Regular price is $59, your pet is free with your scan first. Random walk-ins at discounted pricing if time permits!

Stop by or give us a call for more information on this special service today!

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